For investors
Prerequisites for receiving residence status in the SEZ
1 Business activities
industrial production activities
Production and/or processing of goods (products) and their sale
Technology and innovation activities
Innovative business, creation, production and sale of scientific and technical products, creation, and sale of electronic computer programs (ECPs), databases, integrated circuit topologies, information systems, provision of services for the implementation and maintenance of such products, programs, databases, topologies, and systems.
Logistics business activities
Provision of transportation and warehousing services
2 Amount of capital investment
A resident shall make capital investments of not less than 120 million rubles (excluding intangible assets) in an amount of at least 40 million rubles within three years from the date of conclusion of the agreement on carrying out the business activity.
3 Registration of a legal entity within the city district of Domodedovo, Moscow region
Procedure for receiving residency status in the SEZ
Purchase of a land plot
Application and business plan preparation and submission
Consideration and evaluation of the application and business plan by the SEZ Expert Council
Signing an investment agreement and obtaining a SEZ resident certificate
Once an investor is included in the register of SEZ residents, the incentives and preferences will be in effect.
State support measures for investors in the Moscow region.
  • New project / modernization
  • For those who have invested in new construction projects
  • Regional investment project
  • SPIC (special investment contract)
  • SEZ (benefits for residents of special economic zones)
  • Investment tax deduction
  • ADC (for administrative and business centers)
  • Agreement on protection and promotion of investments
  • Cost recovery (engineering infrastructure)
  • Compensation for the purchase of equipment
  • Compensation for the cost of the first installment when leasing equipment
  • Preferential bank loan
  • Industrial Development Fund of the Moscow Region
  • Fund for Support of Foreign Economic Activity of the Moscow Region
  • Portal of cooperation of industrial enterprises of the Moscow region
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